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We produce cosmetics, antiseptics, disinfectants and veterinary medicine. In cosmetics group we produce body creams and lotions, diaper rash cream, callus removal liquid, hair shampoo, talc powder, lubricating gel, ultrasound gel, fly repellent. In the antiseptic group, we produce lice shampoo, scabies lotions and creams, antiseptic skin solutions (ethanol, povidone iodine etc.). In the disinfectant group, we produce medical disinfectants designed for professional use in clinics, dental clinics, hospitals and examination centers. They are developed for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, surgical instruments, dialysis equipment, as well as other special applications. In our veterinary medicines group, we are specialized in developing products for foot care, mastitis and skin injuries. Our company can also be a supplier to your company if so demanded. You can contact with us about the production of other products that are not listed. WHY US ? We produce and offer quality products economically to our valued customers.
Dollvet has ben established in Sanliurfa Province of Turkey for the production of vaccines and antisera against viral, bacterial, parasitic and mycoplasmic diseases of livestock. The production of veterinary medicines and diagnostic kits will be realised in the near future. Dollvet has started its production activities with vaccines of great importance both in Turkey and in the Region. These are sheep and goat pox, PPR, clostridial diseases and theileriosis vaccines. The number of vaccines which we have obtained production and marketing authorisation has garadually increased to 10 so far and this number will be increased to 15 by the end of 2009. The construction of inactivated viral vaccines production building which will be built according to GMP standarts has already started. The production of FMD, rabies and upper respiratory tract disease vaccines have been planned in this building. Veterinary Medicine, Pharma, Pharmaceuticals, Vaccine, Sheep Pox, Veterinary Vaccine, Turkish Manufacturer Company, Companies Turkey, Manufacturers Turkey, Manufacturing Turkey, Producers Turkey, Turkish Exporter, Supplier, Brucella Vaccine, Vaccine, Fertilizers, Probiotic, Fish Vaccine, Pox Vaccine, Ppr Vaccine, Cpp Vacine, Theileria Annulata Vaccine, Brucela Vaccine, Ecoli Vaccine, Anti Serum, Suspicious, Trichophytosis Vaccine, Animal Medicine
Our company Ulu Ilac Kimya produces artificial insemination gloves for veterinarians. It is founded in 2001, located in Istanbul. Throughout the years we have improved our quality greatly and have become the main supplier in Turkey. In 2012 we increased our capacity and started exporting to Germany. Our main goal is to become more competitive in foreign market and increase export capacity.
Our company was established in 1996. The office of the company is in Antalya and we have branches in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Isparta. Our veterinary medical services include every city of Turkey. We have been attending to the national and worldwide fairs and promoting our devices. Our company is the biggest partner of many brands, which are used admiringly, in Middle East and Africa. We are able to purchase the equipments with low prices since we buy in bulk. Furthermore we also manufacture our own products. We give technical support and provide spare parts under warranty and after sale. We are ready if you need different approach and different solutions.
Pharmamango is a pharmaceutical wholesaler which has been exporting branded Pharmaceuticals,Veterinary Medicines,Diagnostics and Medical supplies to more than 50 countries. Pharmamango has access to over 5.000 branded and 4.000 generic pharmaceutical products. Pharmamango procures pharmaceuticals and medical supplies directly from the manufacturer firms. On the basis of this strength, Pharmamango offers its customers a wholesale purchasing service for pharmaceutical products of the highest quality and standards at competitive prices. Pharmamango which is registered to, regulated and inspected by the Ministry of Health, is your safe partner in parallel trade, because when you choose pharmamango you don’t have to worry about documantation ,insurance, packaging,cold chain and delivery. All are hadled by pharmamango with maximum care. We are forward to establish over relation with international wholesalers, distributors and traders for their pharmaceutical and medical supply requirements. Top international companies we can supply products from; ABOTT, ABRAXIS, AMGEN, ALCON, ASTELLAS PHARMA, ASTRAZENECA, BAYER, BOEHRINGER INGELHEIM, BMS, CHIESI, DAIICHI SANKYO, EBV, GILEAD, GSK, JOHNSON &JOHNSON, LILLY, LUNDBECK, MERCK SERONO, MERCK SHARP & DOHME, NOVARTIS, NOVONORDISK, PENSA, PFIZER, ROCHE, SANOFI AVENTIS, SCHERING-PLOUGH, SERVIER, UCB, ZENTIVA, JANSSEN, etc...
TOPKIM – Topkapi Ilac Premiks Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., established in 1975, is one of the leading establishments in the veterinary field in Turkey, having a broad production line of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals for cattle, sheep, equine, poultry and also pet products, Feed Additives and Premixes. During its 40 years of experience, experts have been developing broad range of products which are widely being used in animal health and husbandry.

TOPKIM is proud to have a market share abroad by exporting its goods mainly to some East European countries, Middle East and former Soviet Union countries ( CIS ) with an expanding capacity each year. It has therefore been found liable to honourable prizes for its support to Turkish economy as a leading exporter.

TOPKIM operates in two factories. In our ISO 9001 certified factory, we produce veterinary medicines; sterile injectable solution, sterile powder, oral solution, powder and tablets by following the GMP & GLP standards which are accepted by leading international animal health companies of the world. In the second factory, which has Feed Analyses Laboratory and computerized Feed Formulation Unit; we are manufacturing vitamin mixtures, minerals and premixes.

TOPKIM pays attention to research and development, quality control, information and technology improvements, meets customer needs and shares the knowledge in scientific field with veterinarians, customers and farmers. To conduct these activities, TOPKIM has established Department of Research and Development under its framework with estimable professors in veterinary pharmaceticals. All our preparations are distributed by our dynamic sales network throughout Turkey.